The likelyhood of many silicon minds (SMs) based civilizations in the Universe has an intriguing implication. Namely, that the numerous reports of Unidentified Objects (UFOs) might not be just the result of cranks, jokesters and unskilled observers. Some reports might be the result of valid observations of activities in our planet neighborhood on the part of one or more SM based civilizations. In other words, in light of our rapidly expanding knowledge about the cosmos, our galaxy, information processing & biology, it might be sensible to examine the best of the available "evidence" with an open mind. Rather than silencing even highly skilled observers, such as airline pilots, by heaping on them loads of ridicule.

In this note we will do just that. Before examining the "best" available evidence let us examine why this topic is so prone to be met with ridicule tinged disbelief. There are three basic factors, we believe, at work:

A basic objection to the reality of Extra Terrestrials (ETs) presence in our neighborhood is that the average distance between ET civilizations are likely to be in the order of hundreds if not thousands of Light Years (LY). Even distances of a few LY would pose insurmountable problems for C-bio intelligences. In fact, Science tells us the speed of light is the highest speed and even achieving speeds 10% of the speed of light is practically impossible. A one LY round trip would require 20 years. This is the fundamental reason why we believe that if any ETs are visiting they would not be C-bio beings but S-bio beings. S-bio beings, in fact, would only require electricity as "food" which could easily be produced in space ships, stations or cities. In addition S-bio beings, as we have seen in the previous sections, could easily "live" hundreds of years.

It is perhaps, useful to speculate on how such SM-bio or better yet SM-minds may look like to us. Such entities need not have any orifices to ingest food or eject waste, so they may not appear to have mouths or other orifices, they very likely have light sensors (eyes) which may be able to sense other electromagnetic radiations such as ultraviolet, infrared and others. They are likely to have sound waves sensors (ears), Temperature sensing maybe piggy-backed on infrared sensing. They, most likely will have orientation sensing based on gyros.

The body shape could be virtually anything, in fact, their technology could be advanced enough to allow them to package their minds in perfect simulations of the human body, except that such bodies will not bleed. They could also be very similar to any and all the body images SCI-FI has proposed over the years. For instance they could have small gracile bodies coupled with relatively large heads with huge eyes. But they need not package their "brains" in just the head.

Essentially one need not consider the reported strange body plans as any indisputable evidence of the reports falsity. At least, no more than the report of huge space ships, killing accelerations, or noiseless maneuvers can be indisputable evidence of false reports.

One fundamental point to keep in mind is that we can not possibly imagine what the ultimate reach of technology could be. It suffice to say that all our prodigious progress of the last three centuries is based on our increasing mastery of only one of the four fundamental forces of Nature. Namely, the electro magnetic force which is manifested in all chemical reactions including combustion and of course in electric power, radio, TV, computers, Internet, phones, etc,. We have barely begun to master the nuclear forces & know virtually nothing about mastery of the gravitational force.

The Evidence

In this section we will present some of what we consider to be the most intriguing evidence. This section will keep on expanding as we unearth new reports and videos worthy of note. A more complete list of UFO sightings can be found here.

At this time the most intriguing "evidence" we have found is a RAI (the Italian equivalent of BBC) video reporting news from the Belgian Air Force concerning jets scrambling after an UFO:

This event is also reported in Belgian UFO wave

Ufo in Belgium chased by air force F16's

Since the sound track is in Italian we'll provide a summary translation.

"For the first time in history the Belgium's Air Force provides the hottest elements of a phenomenon that scientists & military personnel have had no hesitation to qualify as inexplicable".

"It is May 30, 1990 a few miles from the Netherlands border hundreds of people and 3 police squads observe for several minutes the activities of a strange triangular vehicle. After tracking the targets and after receiving radar confirmations from the Traffic Control Centers at Semmerzake, and Glons, at 12:05 AM, the Headquarter of the Belgium Air Force issues an order to scramble two F-16 jets. The two jets soon reach radar contact with the UFO. Suddenly the UFO goes from 300 feet to 1700 feet and accelerates from a speed of 170 miles per hour to a speed of 1,062 miles per hour in one second, rapidly disappearing. This is an unsustainable rate of acceleration for any man made aircraft & it would result in the immediate death of any human being. In fact. jet pilots can only handle accelerations five times smaller."

The strength of Earth's gravity is g = 9.81 mt/sec**2, that is an acceleration of 9.81 meters/second per second. This corresponds to a change of speed of 35 kilometer per hour or 22 mph for each second of acceleration. A Google search on "max g force human" returns, as the top entry, an indication of 9 to 12 gs. We can then, assume that Jet pilots can be trained to tolerate up to 9 to 12 gs. That is a maximum of 198 to 264 mph per second acceleration and not the nearly 900 mph per second acceleration reported. The reported acceleration is 892 mph per second. The average pilot sustainable acceleration is (198 + 264)/2 = 231. The reported acceleration is thus at least 892/231 = 3.86 times what a well trained jet pilot can sustain.

Even if we assume the top of the range, that is 12 g's i.e an acceleration of 264 mph per second, the indicated acceleration is 892/264 = 3.38 times what the best humans can tolerate. We can then safely conclude no C-bio entities controlled the UFO. S-bio entities probably could.

It is important to note that measurements of target speed by radar Doppler effect is accurate and a relatively simple automatic process. Virtually the same can be said about acceleration measurements. Therefore, this is indeed strong evidence of an unusual phenomenon.

In addition to levels of accelerations lethal to human beings (and other terrestrial species) any irrefutable evidence of local gravity field alteration would also be convincing proof of extra terrestrial (ET) agency.

In fact, while general relativity (GR) and its empirical confirmation have shown that the force of gravity is the result of energy warping the fabric of space-time, we do not know HOW energy causes this warping.

On the other hand, if the warping of space-time can be done, at least locally, then it is possible to understand how UFOs perform the many inexplicable maneuvers being reported. In fact, they could move noiselessly in an atmosphere since the UFO and surrounding air molecules would fall together, therefore there would be no turbulence or cavitation i.e. no noise.

Similarly, the achievement of very high rates of acceleration would also be easily explained assuming enough local curvature of space-time. Once high accelerations are possible very high speeds become possible as well.

Of course, such feats are impossible for us since we have not the foggiest notion, at our present state of scientific development, on how to effect ANY local warping of space-time.However, if you assume that there is a way to do this, then virtually all the reported behavior does not contradict the laws of physics.

This in turn means that it is important to scan the numerous UFO reports for unambiguous evidence of local space-time warping.

There are several ways that such warping can manifest itself and be detectable by us at our present state of knowledge:

By far, the simplest source of evidence for local gravity alteration is to look at reports about UFO near, entering or exiting bodies of water. Fortunately, there is ample reporting of such phenomena. A good compilation of "water effects" reports is given here. The following water-related sightings are chronologically organized.

Finally the note Physical Affects on Water - Tying It Together assembles the many occurrences into a few patterns for a better undersanding of the underlying phenomena. There seems to be little doubt, that unless all these witnesses are either lying or out of their minds that the UFOs are altering the local gravity field.

The truth maybe distressing, or it might be unpleasant, but sticking our collective heads in the sand so that we do not allow ourselves to determine what is going on is FAR WORSE, and as argued below, entirely avoidable by well planned, professionally executed, research projects.

A Hypothesis

An area of intense scientific research, on Earth, is the physics of the Big Bang. In particular what happened in the first hundred microseconds. To understand the physics of the Creation Singularity we need a fully unified theory of Physics. At present, there does not exist a well established physical theory seamlessly spanning the physics of large systems, dominated by the force of gravity, and that of nuclear & sub-nuclear systems dominated by the nuclear forces.

Furthermore, it is likely once these two branches of Physics are properly "glued" together by novel & deeper understandings, that we will understand a lot better "gravity" & how to control it. Currently the physics experiments that are likely to shed some light in this direction are the one presently underway at CERN in Europe at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). One of the things the LHC experiments are expected to accomplish is to supply proof of the existence or non existence of the Higgs Boson. This postulated particle & its associated field is assumed to be the mechanism responsible for Quarks and Leptons acquiring mass. The Higgs is expected, on theoretical grounds, to play a major role in the "symmetry breaking" that at the Creation Singularity resulted in the single initial superforce becoming the four forces of our Universe: gravity, electro-magnetism, nuclear strong & weak forces. Thus empirical findings at this level may shed considerable new light on the true nature of gravity.

The evidence mentioned above about the disruption of the local gravity field suggests that one or more post-sing civilizations may have discovered a way to manipulate the Higgs field (or something functionally equivalent). If that were physically possible then such civilizations could have a quite simple & powerful physics for interstellar travel. All they would have to do is curve the local space so that the space ship would "fall" by following the local geodesic. Such fall would not cause any noise even when crossing planetary atmospheres since the atmospheric molecules around the spaceship would "fall" subject to the same gravitational constant. Such an hypothetical method of propulsion would therefore explain at once all the following:

Since, at our current state of knowledge, this kind of gravity control is impossible we conclude that all of the above reports must be falsehoods.

On the other hand, if the above control of gravity is possible, civilizations possessing it would be extremely powerful & dangerous. For instance, such a civilization could destroy the Earth entire biosphere by nudging Earth into a slightly more tipped axis of rotation or by putting it in a more elliptical orbit with extreme swings between seasons.

Such a civilization would, as consequence, be very worried about Earth's development showing we are getting closer to acquiring such awesome powers, while showing no progress in resolving our huge political & moral problems. If all of this is true it is easy to predict that the post-sings will interfere & possibly destroy the LHC.

It is particularly important to note that the biggest problem area for Physics, as we know it here on Earth, concerns precisely gravity. In fact, of the four fundamental forces of Nature: electromagnetism, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force & gravity, only the last one gravity, can not be shown to be reducible, at high energy levels, to a single primordial force. In fact, Plus.maths.org: The physics of elementary particles states the following:

"The theory of strong interactions, known as quantum chromodynamics (QCD), is well-developed and consistent with experiments, although it is not easy to test it very precisely."

"In electroweak theory, there are four mediating objects. The massless photon transmits the electromagnetic force and the weak force is transmitted by three massive particles: the charged W+ and W- particles and the neutral Z0 particle, which have masses about 100 times that of the proton. The intrinsic strengths of these carriers are identical, but the massive nature of the W and Z particles limits their range to very short distances, a consequence of the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics. In collisions at relatively low energies, the particles do not approach each other sufficiently closely for W or Z exchange to occur. However, at very high energies, say 100 time the proton rest mass, close encounters are common, showing electroweak unification. The most spectacular experimental verification of this theory was the discovery of the W and Z particles at CERN in 1983. Electroweak theory has now been tested to high accuracy."

"Electroweak theory and QCD have been incorporated into what is known as the standard model of particle physics. Although this model works very well it suffers from a number of defects. There are rather a lot of arbitrary numbers which are not intrinsic to the theory but have to be obtained from experiment. The theory predicts nonsensical results at energies slightly higher than now available - equivalent to processes having a probability greater than 1! In addition, the theory requires that the W and Z particles, like the photon, should be massless. A mechanism which gives mass to the particles by allowing them to interact with a field was first suggested by Peter Higgs. This would have a carrier object - the Higgs boson, which, so far, has not been detected."

"There are mathematical schemes which unite the strong interaction with electroweak theory. These are known as grand unified theories, or GUTs. Another theory, supersymmetry, unites the building blocks - the quarks and the leptons - with the force carriers. This requires new partner particles for all these objects, none of which have so far been discovered. Superstring theories, and their recent extension, M-theories, which require supersymmetry, are exciting."

In other words, the first three forces: electromagnetism, weak nuclear & strong nuclear forces, can be shown at sufficiently high energy levels to reduce to one force. This is not the case for the last force. Namely, gravity, indeed quoting: Plus.maths.org: Lambda

"The Standard Model of particle physics has done an excellent job of describing the effects at the quantum scale of the electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak forces. However, one fundamental force is missing: gravity. And despite initial optimism about string theory, no one has been able to extract from it a detailed theory of how gravity behaves in the quantum world."

""The reason people always retained Einstein's idea, and didn't just throw it away, was because it was recognised that having this constant in the theory of gravity was a way for particle physics and quantum theory to be linked to gravity. In modern physics this constant is interpreted as the vacuum energy of the Universe.""

"So vacuum energy now seems to play a part at the largest and smallest scales of physics: and here lies the problem. It appears that the cosmological constant is not zero, and the acceleration of the Universe is being driven by vacuum energy. However, the view from cosmology looks different from the quantum world. The vacuum energy predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics is around 10**60 (1 followed by 60 zeros!) times greater than the vacuum energy calculated from the observed acceleration of the Universe"

"If it was exactly zero, the massive prediction for vacuum energy from quantum physics could be canceled out in the equations using symmetry. But symmetry can only cancel things out exactly"

""So far nothing has addressed this skeleton in the closet, including string theory," says Sakar. "But rather than see this as failure, [we should] see it as wonderful opportunity. It means there is something really fundamental for us to discover, something really exciting for us to find out, which is the solution to the cosmological constant problem." And most physicists agree that this solution will involve a new theory of quantum gravity."

Can we really rule out, in our huge Galaxy, the existence of an advanced civilization that has solved this conundrum & consequently may have acquired the awesome power to locally shape gravitational fields?


If one or more post-sing civilizations are mucking around our solar system it is important to figure out what their intentions are. While there are purported sightings in epochs preceding the 20th & 21st centuries they are very few & far between. On the other hand, it is a significant coincidence that most reports start after 1947, two years after two atomic bombs were dropped on two Japanese cities, and that the pace of such reports has been escalating in spite of all the efforts by our planet establishments to muzzle them. It is well to point out that human activities have been increasingly visible outside the solar system for the last century or so. In fact, Earth's societies have been radiating a sphere of electro-magnetic radiation, which by now has a radius of about 100 LY. Therefore, any post-sing civilization outpost within 100 LY from Earth would know that we had achieved a mastery of the electro-magnetic force.

We, of course, are not able to know the intent of any such purported civilization in our midst, but we can certainly speculate on what it might be. As we see it, the intent of such visitors would depend critically on two major factors:

We can analyze the former in terms of Freeman Dyson's classes of civilizations. Namely, classifying civilizations on the basis of the extent of their ability to exploit progressively larger domains. Namely, civilization of type 1 would be capable of exploiting the resources of their home planet, type 2 those of their home solar system, type 3 those of their home galaxy & finally type 4 could exploit an entire Universe.

We would similarly say that a civilization is of type 1 if it can significantly alter or destabilize its home planet, type 2 if it can do so to its home solar system. Type 3 & 4 if it can do so to, respectively, its home galaxy or the whole Universe.

Clearly, a very advanced civilization would have to be very careful and it might be forced to take preventive measures if type 3 & 4 are possibilities. We know that type 1 is definitely possible since we are doing it right now. Whether any of the other three types are possible or not depends critically on what lies ahead in the realms of high energy physics we have not entered yet.

If, for instance, it is possible to alter gravitational fields then we could become a type 2 or even a partial type 3. Such eventualities would be very worrisome, given our present moral idiocy.

Much worse scenarios would be possible if a correct theory of quantum gravity reveals the possibility of run away black hole creation processes. In such a case an advanced civilization would be bound to stop us at all costs.

So far, all reports do not seem to indicate any thing worse than a wait & see attitude. It is easy to predict that if the scariest scenarios are possible, they will stop us from obtaining such awesome powers by, at a minimum, interfering with our high energy physics programs. If on the other hand, no such possibilities exist, then they are probably studying us, out of intense curiosity on how such a primitive mind bootstrap process works. In other words, they would be studying their remote past & we would not have much to worry about.

Addendum 2013

New physics discovered during the period 2009 - 2013 makes the above argument stronger. In fact, during 2012 a Higgs boson like particle was found at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Its mass was measured to be about 125 MeV. This is a very interesting value since it appears to fall in a border line region between the Universe being stable or being unstable.

In an unstable Universe a very small bubble of lower energy state could appear and rapidly expand (at the velocity of light) devouring its surroundings.

Why this can potentially be the case is that there is no such thing as EMPTY space. In fact, even space that is empty of all matter still contains the energy of the various force fields.

In particular theoretical physics shows that the field associated with the weak nuclear force (the electroweak force) can be unstable, that is, spontaneously decay in a lower energy configuration. This is referred to as the electroweak vacuum stability issue.

This last reference gives an equation relating the Higgs boson and Top quark masses and the probability that the electroweak field decays to this lower energy state.

The physical significance is that in this lower energy state (bubble) hadrons would not be stable. Namely, there would be significant probabilities of neutron to proton (& vice versa) transitions. This in turn, would imply that atomic nuclei stability would be jeopardized. That is matter, as we know it, would cease to exist!!

The paper gives a simple picture that graphically renders the relationship between the measurement errors for the Higgs and Top quark masses and the regions of electroweak vacuum stability, metastability and instability.

As it can be seen from the figure, at present. is not possible to say if the electroweak field can exhibit this instability. We have to wait till, at least, 2015, when the LHC will be re-powered up after enhancements to double its power, to know for sure. But if the electroweak field is capable of such instability an advanced post-sing civilization would certainly know about it & would be very interested in monitoring its neighborhood for emergent technological civilizations and to make sure they do not trigger the existence of such devastating bubble.

Finally, we need not be precociously alarmed by such bubble which can only happen at temperatures and energy densities many times higher than what can be achieved by machines such as the LHC. So, at our present level of technological development, we cannot trigger such a bubble into existence.

We need not be too worried about others triggering such bubble since, if it is triggered somewhere in the Milky way, the average distance from us would be 50,000 Light Years (LY). In other words, it might take, on average, 50,000 years to get here. If it takes place in another galaxy its average distance would be 46 Billion LY. The problem would be serious only if it takes place in our local neighborhood. I.e. with distances of the order of 1,000 LY or less.


To determine in a factual and uncontestably objective manner whether UFOs can locally alter the gravity field or not is not difficult and does not require knowledge or powers we do not already have. The major obstacle is the career risks as perceived by leading scientists or engineers. The risks being loss of professional reputation, and potential demotions, or grievously reduced opportunities of career progress and advances. This problem is easily solved if such a project were to be sponsored by a major Government or a leading academy or professional society.

What needs to be done is:

Such program would eventually get to the actual truth of whether or not there is hard evidence of new phenomena regarding gravity alteration.

The benefit to society in the event of negative findings would clearly be a huge collective sigh of relief. But there are also big benefits in the case that the program reveals that we are faced with REAL inexplicable phenomena. In fact:

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