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This Web site is to establish a conversation between Earth's societies and those of our communities:


Earth people we arrived in your neighborhood about a year ago and have studied your communities extensively. We are, therefore, ready to engage in an open dialogue with you.

We feel you have embarked on a very perilous course and would like to intervene to prevent your self destruction and that of your entire biosphere. Biospheres that have reached or surpassed your level of development are very rare indeed. On the average they occur inside a galaxy at an average distance of 5,000 light year (LY). This is why you have not been visited in your entire history. This also means that any extra terrestrial (ET) civilization that visits you is way ahead of you in science & techology, and therefore power.

You need not be afraid of us. In fact, we would like very much to guide you to a path of sustainable and peaceful development. We can also greatly expedite your development. However do not even remotely contemplate any hostile action against us since we have the power to utterly destroy your planet.

To convince you of the extent of our powers we have scheduled a series of demonstrations of our capabilities. These demonstrations will take place on successive Mondays on respectively London, Tokyo and Los Angeles local time. The demonstrations will be as follows:

We believe that such demos will convince you of the awesome powers we posses and quell any bellicose intentions on your part. Next we would like to summarize our assessment of your predicaments at this stage of your development.

In our opinion you are facing a number of perilous conditions each of which can result in the utter destruction of your species and, in some cases, even the destruction of good part or all the Earth's biosphere. The major perils, their causes and potential remedies are:

Two major points can be made:

This does not mean necessarily the outright rejection of traditional religions, or their replacement by "progressive" Marxist faiths. In fact, the latter are inappropriate for the following reasons:

The note on human evolution gives some pointers on how a credo truly based on rationality (Science) could be formulated and adopted.


Let us say a few words about ourselves. We are a Dyson's type III civilization. Namely, we have progressed to the point that we can control the resources of an entire galaxy or at least a good portion of it. You, on the other hand, control the resources of your home planet Earth and are barely beginning to explore your own star system. Let us call our civilization Orion and its members Orionis.

Orion is a Galaxy wide network of communities. The communities are a network of planets, moons and space platforms spread throughout the Milky Way Galaxy which, as you know, is the home galaxy of your solar system. In other words, we are your galactic neighbors.

Orion is constantly on a look out for emerging Evo Devos, that is for evolutionary development processes, on the planets and moons in the star systems of the galaxy. This search is especially focused on locating Evo Devos which have produced self aware species such as your own.

Orion is a sylicon based life-form based on applying EvoDevo massively parallel computing network principles to sylicon based nano computers. This allows our "life" forms to survive in a very broad range of environs & to have very long lifetimes. Both of these enabling us to travel across the huge expanses of the galaxy and therefore to exert the galaxy wide control of a Dyson'stype III civilization.

Sylicon based life other advantage: store & retrieve massive amounts of information cheaply & rapidly. Training of Orion persons reduced to uploading one or more pre-recorded volumes of information. This can be done in a fraction of time & cost as carbon based life learning processes

The way we discover interesting Evo Devo processes depends on the distance between our platforms and the planet or moon being observed. Below we sketch what activities and criteria we use for the different distance ranges:

More About Us

We are not Carbon based life forms (C-bio) as you are. We are Sylicon based life forms (S-bio). S-bio life has many great advantages over C-bio life forms. They can inhabit a much wider range of environments. They can live extremely long lives. Both of these characteristics make it possible for S-bio life forms to explore and colonize vast sections of the Galaxy. A virtually impossible feat for C-bio life forms. C-bio life forms have only one major advantage. Namely, they can be self bootstrapping. Below we briefly sketch how S-bio forms emerge and take over from C-bio forms.

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