SMs' Strategies

In the previous sections we have seen that the Universe's immense size argues strongly against the proposition that we are the only intelligent species in it. Furthermore, the notions of The Singularity and Silicon Minds should suggest that we are not only not unique, but that we might share the Universe with many superior Silicon Minds (SMs) communities. In this section we will speculate, on a best known basis, on what the characteristics of such SMs might appear to be. We will do so by presenting a hypothetical report from a SM community which has been studying our planet & has finally decided to make contact.

SM Report

In the year 2050 Orion's space-city arrived at its destination, a proximate orbit of the Atlan planet of star GC-435Y. The ship manouvred to fall in geostationary orbit around one of Atlan satellites so to maintain a fixed position vis a vis the satellite surface. Since the satellite was in a gravitational lock with Atlan, that is, presenting always the same face to it, the point could be chosen to be on its opposite site. This would insure the ship undetectability from Atlan surface. Once the space-city was locked in position the expedition Leader called for a staff wide conference to mark the event.

The Leader had two goals for the conference. First to present a brief summary of what was known about Atlan and secondly to sketch out a plan of closer inspection and eventual colonization of the planet.

The current state of knowledge about Atlan was:

The Leader proceeded then to outline the plan of exploration as follows:


A year after the arrival the Orionis had made considerable progress in studying the Atlan planet. They had learned a great deal. Some of the most important items were:

In view of all this the Orionis decided that it was both urgent and imperative to contact the Earth people in as unthreatening fashion as possible. The Internet was seen as the ideal medium. Therefore, they put a great deal of effort to create, in their advanced technology, a number of Web servers to be linked, via Earth based servers, to the Internet.

The plan was to set up a large number of Web servers linked to a corresponding large number of Earth servers located in a widely scattered number of countries. This would insure that only a non existent planet wide political authority could block the Orionis side of the Internet. Next it was decided that this net would use the English language to communicate with Earthlings. The reasons for this choice were:

  1. Most Earth people, especially the cultural leaders, spoke English in addition to their mother tongue.

  2. English, among the Earth languages had the simplest grammar coupled with a truly huge vocabulary, so its simplicity did not compromise expressivity

The next step was to agree on the text of the initial contact message. The message had to be as unthreatening as possible, be comprehsible to most Earthlings, but leave them with no illusion that they would be able to interfere in any manner at all with the Orionis.

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