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This e-book explores the full multi-media potential of the Web by blending traditional book formats with hyperlinks of Web source materials in text and video formats. The book subject is simply a contemplation of possible futures for Mankind and other intelligent species in the Cosmos. The first chapter focuses on the immensity of the Universe. The second chapter on the possibility of a breakaway leap in cutural development, namely, the possible occurrence of "The Singularity". I.e. the emergence of non biological intelligence. The third chapter sketches how non biological minds could arise. The fourth chapter presents a possible scenarios for contact from alien civilizations. Finally the fifth chapter examines some of the most credible UFO evidence and argues that the reported behaviors could be possible for advanced civilizations which have mastered the manipulation of gravitational fields to a degree similar to our mastery of the manipulation of electromagnetic fields. The chapter also points out that our knowledge of gravity is very incomplete, precisely, when high energy densities and small scale dimensions are involved.

The book deals with potential futures the fundamental difficulty of such an enterprise rests with the fact that Science can not predict the future of complex systems. Therefore the best that can be done is to speculate about the future in a manner that does not contradict established Science.

This e-book requires the use of modern browsers. In particular, it has been extensively tested with the Chrome browser and should display properly when viewed with it.

The two pictures displayed on this page represent reality both on the very large scale with a picture of an entire Galaxy, and the extremely small scale with a computer generated picture of a six dimentional sphere (Calabi-Yau manifold) which some modern physics theory expect to play a role in determing the property of elemental particles and forces.

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